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Thank you to my angelic niece, Natalie Webster for singing and my talented niece Diane Tuft for accompanying her. The videography was done by my artistic nephew, Rush Webster.

Free sheet music for “Repent and Forgive” can be downloaded below.

I scoured YouTube for some ASL signs to teach the first verse of this song and made this basic recording for how to teach the first two verses to Primary children. My voice isn’t anywhere close to being as beautiful as my niece Natalie’s was at age 10, but hopefully you can look past my inadequacies in both singing and signing for an idea of how to teach this song!

You can read about the backstory of this song in the following blog, which was originally published on the excellent site, “Primary in Zion” on WordPress.

Though that post was written several years ago, I was called as the Primary music leader in January of 2022 and wrote a third verse to teach the kids two of my favorite scriptures from the Old Testament: Proverbs 3:5-6 and Isaiah 1:18. This verse is now included in the sheet music.

I am grateful to Diane and Spencer Tuft for the beautiful vocals, and to Janie White for the videography

“My Mind’s a Sacred Place” is a song to help children prepare to combat the evils of pornography and inappropriate influences they may be exposed to. Click below to download a FREE copy.

Click below to read more about the song on the “Primary in Zion” website:

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